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Utah Electrical Repair Service

Need home electrical repair service in Utah? Our Whipple Service Champions are licensed electrical technicians that can inspect, diagnose, and troubleshoot your home’s electrical system. We can repair any home electrical problem, including those related to:

  • Lights
  • Appliances
  • Wiring
  • Circuits
  • Switches

Signs It’s Time for an Electrical Repair

No matter how new or old your home is, electrical repair is a need that no property in Utah is exempt from. Many issues present a dangerous situation that could, at least, power down your property or, at most, hurt you and damage your home. This is why it is important for homeowners to identify electrical problems at the onset, mainly by looking at the following warning signs:

  • Circuit breaker issues

Circuit breakers prevent wires from overheating and catching fire by shutting off the power when an overloaded circuit trips it. Sometimes, a circuit breaker will do this without sufficient reason, causing major inconvenience.

  • Electrical shock and static

Ground faults and improper electrical wiring can cause electrical shock and static when you touch an appliance or step on a carpet. If you are experiencing these signs, contact a Whipple Service Champions electrician as soon as possible.

  • Faulty switches and outlets

Loose or broken wiring can outright cause sections of your home to lose power. It takes a licensed electrician to repair these underlying problems and ensure that they do not occur again.

  • Flickering lights

If your lights begin to flicker, it may just be because the bulb is loose, defective, or worn. Otherwise, it is a sign of a larger problem that needs addressing.

  • Hot ceiling fixtures

Not all fixtures inside a home are insulated, which is why it is important to regularly check ceiling fixtures for warmth to identify any potential fire hazards.

  • Sparks and burning odor

The most glaring sign of faulty electrical wiring – save for having the house lose power or burn down – is the scent of burning and the presence of sparks. Whipple Service Champions advises switching your property’s power off and contacting an electrician immediately.

Don’t Do Home Electrical Repair Yourself – Call Us

Flickering lights or blown outlets are no match for our team. Don’t try to fix faulty electrical problems yourself. Call us, and we’ll handle the electrical repair while you stay safe.

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