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Fireplace 101

Living in a home with a working fireplace is a benefit that is fading rapidly. With new home technology such as furnaces and space heaters getting upgrades constantly, the new heating tech has made the need for a traditional fireplace relatively obsolete. Newly developed homes often don’t think to add these amenities anymore, leaving those […]


Why is My Toilet Leaking Around the Base?

Walking into your bathroom and noticing a puddle of standing water surely isn’t a routine phenomenon for anyone, but when it happens, the problem should be addressed immediately. Determining the source of the leak is probably a good place to start. If you have a toilet leaking around the base, there are a few things […]


Types of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Chronic Carbon Monoxide Poisoning What is Chronic CO2 Poisoning? “Chronic” generally refers to a condition that persists over a long period of time; however, chronic carbon monoxide poisoning refers to the duration of exposure rather than that of the residual effects. The division between acute and chronic exposure is not distinct, but chronic cases generally […]