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At Whipple Plumbing, we’re your top source for furnace repair during this cold winter. Whether it’s a small tweak or a possible replacement, we’ll get you and your family the warmth you need without a prohibitive cost.

While we can’t necessarily give you an exact cost for a given furnace repair, as costs will vary based on a number of factors, we can at least give you a general idea of some ranges to be expecting. Here are some simple averages in a few pertinent furnace repair areas.

Average Costs

Furnace repair costs can range from about $100 all the way up to over $1,000 depending on the issue. Most repairs can be accomplished in one visit, but certain ones may require repeat trips that can up your price tag. The national average for furnace repairs in the United States is $268, with the majority of homeowners spending between $135 and $422 per repair.

Service Fees

In general, you’ll be charged a basic fee for furnace repairs – these are fairly cheap and run between $50 and $100. They’re just basic costs that cover the time your technician spends getting to your home and checking things out. If your problem is on a weekend or during night hours, this fee might be a bit higher.

Common Repair Item Costs

There are several different areas that might need fixing in the furnace. Here are the average costs of all the most common areas:

  • Blower motor: Repairs $150, replacement $450
  • Thermostat replacement: $50-$200, depending on the model
  • Ignitor replacement: $300-$400
  • Heat exchanger: Simple repairs $100, replacement $500-$1,200
  • Flame sensor repair or replacement: $80-$250
  • Circuit board or pressure sensor repair or replacement: $40-$350
  • Draft inducer replacement: $150-$450
  • Gas valve or smart valve replacement: $150-$750

For more on the costs of various furnace repairs, or to learn about any of our other HVAC services, speak to the pros at Whipple Pluming today.