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Home Electrical Wiring Service in Salt Lake City

The electrical wiring in your home is a complex, interconnected system. When something goes wrong, you need a professional to fix things. Whipple Service Champions can send our highly skilled technicians your way to rewire, replace lighting fixtures, and generally ensure that you won’t experience any untimely interruptions.

Let us handle the problem from start to finish.

Even if it’s just one outlet, it’s better to be sure before you get jolted because of faulty wiring. Our objective is to make sure that everything electrical in your home is safe for use.


When you plug your smartphone to charge it, you interact with the electrical system. When you turn a light on, you interact with the electrical system. In our everyday lives, we depend on electricity for our tasks. That’s why it’s important to fix electrical problems as soon as possible. There are several ways a malfunctioning socket or a broken light fixture could go wrong.

Our technicians guarantee that your electrical system is operating soundly before finishing a job. Whether your system is old or new, they’ll know how to fix any problem. They receive more than 100 hours of training annually, allowing them to find accurate solutions to a variety of electrical problems.

Whipple Service Champions works on the following projects:

• Home and basement wiring
• Spa and pool wiring
• TV, satellite, or telephone wiring
• Lighting installation or repair
• Electrical switches and outlets
• Heat cables
• Breakers and surge protection

We also provide free education about your electrical system, what went wrong, and how to prevent the same thing from happening. It’s the only way to know that you’ll be safe and secure.

Call us even if it’s just to inspect potential electrical problems. We’ll help keep your home and family safe. Look to Whipple Service Champions for master electricians.

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